A Few Facts About Hypnosis To Stop Smoking Weed

Hypnosis to stop smoking differs from other methods of giving up cigarettes that are used today; you’ll find that you’ll be a non-smoker if the process is done correctly. The distinction between a non-smoker and an ex-smoker is that as an ex-smoker, you might still have cravings for a cigarette, but if you believe that you are a non-smoker, you will never want a cigarette. Hypnosis is a process that quiets your conscious mind but leaves you awake enough, so your subconscious mind is receptive to suggestions. It is your subconscious mind that doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination; your subconscious does not think, rationalize or reason. When given a proposal your subconscious mind will enable your body to follow that proposal after it is repeated over a long period of time. Your conscious mind will eventually consider what your subconscious is telling it. Are you looking for quit smoking cannabis? Check out the earlier talked about site.

The catch is that you have to personally want to change if you are doing this because someone else wants you to the results might not be exactly the same. You can choose to go to a hypnotherapist, or you may use self-hypnosis to help alter your behaviour. Both methods of hypnosis use a tape to reinforce the suggestions you get when first hypnotized. With the self-hypnosis method, you may begin listening to a tape that will let you know exactly what a therapist would. The tape will guide you through the relaxation that will help you quiet your conscious mind. Once your mind is silent the hypnosis to stop smoking begins. When in a relaxed state you will be told by the narrator to imagine lighting a cigarette and putting it in your mouth. You will then be told to try to breathe the smoke in, the taste of the smoke will be what you’ll focus on next.

The narrator will explain the taste of the smoke in detail so it is going to stay in your mind. The narrator might tell you that the smoke tastes like the inside of a dirty chimney or the odour that remains on your body are disgusting, by now you will realize that you really feel like a dirty person. You now throw the cigarette out, brush your teeth and wash out your mouth. You wash your hands with a fragrant smelling soap, so you no longer smell. All these suggestions about the bad taste and smell of cigarettes are designed to make you hate smoking and realize how much better you are without cigarettes. Most hypnosis tapes are made to make you feel like you were never a smoker at all, and even the notion of a cigarette disgusts you. You’ll be brought out of the hypnosis on a relaxed, joyful, energetic note, just as you’d be if you’re with a therapist. If you’re sincere about wanting to give up cigarettes hypnosis to stop smoking can help you attain this without any of the sides effects you hear about.